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Is Your Website Gizmo Ready?

With more people using smartphones than computers to browse the web, having a website that looks good on a phone is more important than ever

In 2014, the number of visitors using a mobile to view UK shopping websites overtook the number accessing them from a computer. A report by IMRG revealed that 52% of visitors to e-commerce sites were from mobile devices and 36% of purchases were made from these devices. These figures show that failing to prepare for mobile visitors will cost you dearly.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A few years ago the most common approach to handling mobile visitors was to send them to a version of the website designed for small screens. While this approach is still used, the majority of new websites are opting for responsive design.​

These days, internet enabled devices come in all shapes and sizes - from smart TVs to tablets to smartphones. It would be impractical to design a different site for each of these screen sizes; this is where ​responsive design​ comes in - the website acknowledges the size of the screen and responds appropriately. For an example of this, when viewing our site on a computer screen, try changing the size of the browser window.

Responsive sites look great on all screen sizes and are much quicker to make than creating a whole new version of the site for small screens. This is why all the websites we create have responsive capabilities!

What happens if my site isn't responsive?

In short: your website attracts fewer visitors and fewer conversions.

​Google have recently started penalising sites for not looking good on small screens, meaning your site will appear lower down on Google's listings and you'll get less traffic. This doesn't just apply when people are searching on their phones, your ranking is affected on computers too.

Along with fewer visitors, mobile visitors who do manage to find your site will then be presented with a website which is difficult to use and looks messy on their small screens, and therefore they are much more likely to become frustrated and leave your site.

Don't get left behind when it comes to the mobile web. Make sure your site is mobile friendly, or expect to suffer the consequences. If you want a responsive website or you already have a site and you want it to be mobile friendly, contact us for a quote - we'll be happy to help.

Please feel free to get in touch for further questions or discussion.

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